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Billy’s Balloon [Lens Factor Project: Landscape theme] – Part II

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Billy's balloon, the murderous balloon

Wanting to make the best use of the balloons I picked up for the landscape theme, I finished off Sarah’s photos with a few inspired by the Don Hertzfedt cartoon “Billy’s Balloon.” Sarah and her family share much of the strange sense of humor as me so she was totally up for it and really let those balloons mistreat her. It was hard for her to look scared because we were laughing so hard!

Warning: violent cartoon ahead! ;)

Model: Sarah Rodriguez


Balloon Landscape Portraits [Lens Factor Project: Landscape theme] – Part I

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Lens Factor Project, landscape theme, Lethbridge summer balloon portraits

For the theme of landscape it was impossible not to immediately think of Lethbridge’s rolling coulees! I love our huge open skies so I made Sarah fly a little (with the help of a bunch of balloons and Photoshop, of course). At the time of the photos, the canola fields were breath-taking so it was really hard narrowing down my final image between the two locations.

Model: Sarah Rodriguez
Theme: Landscape

This photo is part of the Lens Factor Photo Project in which 5 photographers were given teams of 5 models and given 5 themes to work with. The results were kept secret until all final images were revealed at once. I took a number of photos for each theme and my out-takes appear below!


The Girls in the Masks [Rachel and Pandy]

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

girls wearing masks in Lethbridge barn

I’m so glad for this impromptu photoshoot with models Rachel Kieper and Pandy Duplessis at the October photographer/model collaboration. I wanted to photograph each girl, and their outfits and masks came together perfectly as I started picking out their wardrobe. They did an amazing job being both eerie and beautiful in the old abandoned barn location.


Zombie Girl Portraits Lethbridge [Hope]

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

zombie girl portraits Lethbridge

Hope was adorable for her portrait session… but I think something may have been wrong with her? Maybe she wasn’t feeling well that day? ;)

I worked with Hope as part of a Halloween themed photographer/model collaboration and wanted to take some gory but lovely zombie girl portraits of her. Of course I had to go as traditional and cutesy as possible for her portrait poses to juxtapose all the blood and gore she had going on! Hope did a fantastic job on her own makeup and managed to keep her contacts in despite the crazy wind making them shift :)


Dia de los Muertos [Tuezday Sugar Skull Photos]

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

sugar skull, Dia de los Muertos photos in Lethbridge

As a personal project before Halloween, I recruited model Tuezday Kabel & makeup artist Jill Renner for a Día de los Muertos themed photoshoot with sugar skull face painting. These ladies rocked it! We coordinated the skull paint with the autumn colors outside and found the most colorful splashes we could in Indian Battle Park.

Model: Tuezday Kabel
Makeup/Hair: H.E.R. Beauty by Jill


Terrifying Tami, the Scary Clown [Personal Project]

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Terrifying Tami, scary clown photos

It’s my favorite time of year, Halloween season! Not much is scarier than a creepy clown (at least in my opinion), so I felt some scary clown photos were in order this year!

When I saw Tami do a cartwheel at a previous modeling collaboration, I knew we had to do something creepy and weird, and the clown thing just fell into place. With Katt Panic’s magic touch, Tami transformed into a clown much scarier than I could have imagined. (I loved Tami’s reaction when we finally showed her the finished face!) I love that Tami has such colorful hair as it was the perfect touch to complete the look.

Model: Tami Kuiper
Makeup/Hair: Katt Panic Makeup Artistry