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Red Hood (Self-Portraits) | Personal Project

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Woman in red hood

I ordered this fabulous red shirt off of Etsy and when first trying it on noticed how amazing the hood on it looked if left up! I’ve promised myself I would focus on self-portraits this year, and I knew this hood had to be used for one set. After some awkward bending, I’ve very happy with the results :)

Woman in red hood

Wedding Planning: The Bride’s Details | Personal Blog

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Last month I featured all of the details of Cam’s wedding wardrobe, and this month it’s all about the bride! After working on so many weddings, I wanted a lot of our day to be very unusual from the norm, and part of that meant that a white dress was out of the question! I had a perfect mental picture of what I wanted and as luck would have it, I found the EXACT dress online the next day. Even better: the only one they had left was in my size, in the color I wanted! The teasers below show how great the color peaks out through the lace on it. You’ll have to wait until the wedding photos to see the whole thing :)

The seashells I used in the ring photo were collected over the years mostly from California, and some have come from where we are having our ceremony. As well, the pearl necklace belonged to my great grandmother.

I also included my “tragic” shoes at the end of the post. They were the first thing I purchased for the wedding (before the dress) and I was so in love with them. However, once the dress arrived, the slight difference in color was quite jarring! The dress is a green turquoise and the shoes a blue turquoise, and side by side they look terribly mismatched! I may have hoped no one would notice, but they’re pretty hard to walk in and our photos will have us traveling around the beach quite a bit. Instead, flats it is! I’ll just have to find other special places to wear them :)


Wedding Planning: The Groom’s Details | Personal Blog

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

With my own wedding fast approaching, I wanted to give a few glimpses into what we’ll be wearing for the big day, starting with all of the groom’s accessories. Our wedding colors are turquoise, white, and black – and I guess Cam gets to be the bride! He’ll be wearing a custom tailored white linen suit from Indochino, while I won’t be wearing white! Best of all, we managed to find him a tie that perfectly matched my dress. With this being a beach wedding, we’re going with a sea theme so the octopus shows up a few times too. Sadly the pocket watch was too good of a steal off of a Chinese Etsy page and runs in almost double time, but at least it made for a good photo prop! (more…)

Love Like Winter | Personal Project

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

AFI photo project, Love Like Winter, Crowsnest Pass winter

This is the second installment in my larger AFI-inspired photo project. You can read more about that here.

The first video I chose to photograph was “Love Like Winter,” partly because of the timing of the project (a fresh snowfall in an otherwise dry winter was something to take advantage of), and partly because of how visually rich the video is. As a result, this particular set has more images than most of the others will. It was really hard to narrow these down!

Model: Kristin Sciarra
Assistant: My mom :)
Video: Love Like Winter by AFI


The Days of the Phoenix | Personal Project

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

AFI photo project, The Days of the Phoenix, Lethbridge creative lighting portraits

It’s time to finally introduce a project I’ll be working on over the next year, a disjointed set of images tied together only by the music that inspired them.

Each photo shoot is inspired, in some way, by a single AFI music video. I will keep going until each video of theirs, even if I don’t like the original, is complete. These are the only rules.

This project has been fermenting in my brain for quite a while, and after a desire built up to focus on learning more creative lighting, I decided it was definitely time to start! I have been a huge fan of AFI for many years and find their music to be so emotional and creativity-inducing (I usually play them when I need to power through photo editing, sew bellydance costumes, or anything else that needs a lot of creative input in very little time). Many of their videos have really interesting visuals and impactful lighting that I couldn’t resist dissecting. I’m also doing it to cope with the seemingly endless hiatus they’ve been on!

This particular photo shoot was the second I photographed, but the first I wanted to post. “The Days of the Phoenix” was the very first song I ever heard from AFI and therefore seemed fitting for the introduction.

Model: Stephanie Fieldberg
Video: The Days of the Phoenix by AFI


Wedding Planning: Photography! | Personal Blog

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

The most common question I get asked about our wedding is, “How are YOU going to choose a photographer?!”

Actually, this was quite easy! (And not just because Cam left this decision 99% up to me… and no, I’m not setting up a tripod on self-timer.) I’ve known Ian Grant online for so many years that I’ve lost count. I became a fan of his landscape photography long before he was regularly photographing weddings, and before he was even married himself! At some point along the way we also became friends on Facebook over our shared strange senses of humor and love for ridiculous internet videos and pictures. Conveniently enough, he was based out of Los Angeles!

I had long dreamed of engagement photos in Disneyland, and this past October we made it happen! We spent two fun hours in the park with him, and the result has only made me more eager to see what our wedding photos will be.

Here are some of my favorites… (more…)