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Lana del Rey | Personal Project

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Lethbridge portrait photos of girl styled like Lana del Rey

There has been a LOT of Lana del Rey being played in our household this summer (more than last summer, if that’s possible) and her sultry style has seeped into my brain. With her classy retro fashions and big lips, I’ve been wanting to do a series of self-portraits inspired by her for quite a few months and it finally came together as the summer drew to a close. The clothes were easy, but my thin hair was not so I got a lot of help from my hairdresser AND Photoshop :)

Hair: Patti at HaiRayz
Makeup: myself (which I am proud of!)

Red Hood (Self-Portraits) | Personal Project

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Woman in red hood

I ordered this fabulous red shirt off of Etsy and when first trying it on noticed how amazing the hood on it looked if left up! I’ve promised myself I would focus on self-portraits this year, and I knew this hood had to be used for one set. After some awkward bending, I’ve very happy with the results :)

Woman in red hood

Halloween | Personal Project

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

October is one of my favorite months… warm days with chilly hot chocolate nights, crunchy colorful leaves and, of course, Halloween, which means lots of horror movies and listening to Dead Man’s Bones! It’s been far too long since I’ve worked on a self-portrait project and I’ve been inspired by all the amazing levitation photos out there, plus I wanted to do my own haunted series. I set out on one of the ridiculously windy afternoons we’ve had and luckily was only interrupted by a few pedestrians, though I almost blew away a few times! I’ve taken on a few new genres of dance this year so that was a big inspiration on a few of the images. Psh, who needs stools and ladders for levitation photo composites when you can do it with your body alone? ;) (more…)