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Indian Battle Fall Family Photos [Mary & John]

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Indian Battle fall family photos

Mary and John came to Lethbridge over Thanksgiving weekend to visit their kids, Kendra and Cameron, and took some time out of their schedule to get some updated Indian Battle fall family photos. The leaves were such an amazing color that weekend with rare splashes of orange everywhere. They brought along their senior dog O.D. who was so full of personality despite his hearing and vision problems. He must have known how to smile at the camera even when he couldn’t hear me!

This family was hilarious and joked their way through the whole session. It’s good they are such positive people because we had a bit of trouble with the rain… every so often, despite it being a beautiful day, we’d be hit with pouring rain and even a little hail! We had to run for cover a couple times during our session (including a 10 minute car break when it got really bad!) but luckily it passed every time and we could keep going.

Thanks for braving the rain with me, guys! ;)


Vintage Lethbridge Children’s Session [Stone & Odin]

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

vintage Lethbridge children's session

Instead of doing regular photos for Christmas, Rachael wanted something a little more fun and unique for her boys: a themed vintage Lethbridge children’s session at their farm just outside of Lethbridge. Their property had everything we needed, from old vehicles to gorgeous cattails at the pond, and she picked out such great classic outfits for Stone and Odin. I love that she kept them casual with the open collar so it was extra easy for them to climb on everything and be able to play. Odin was especially way more into the playing part than posing, so Stone had a lot of chasing to do!


Lethbridge Autumn Colors Family Portraits [Tami & Kevin]

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Lethbridge autumn colors family portraits

Tami, Kevin, and their two children are such an adorable family! They made great use of the autumn colors for their family portraits and I loved how they coordinated together. The touches of yellow look amazing with the autumn leaves.

We went for a walk in the freshly fallen leaves at the University of Lethbridge lake, frequently making the kids pretend they liked hugging each other ;) Aside from those very normal sibling feelings, it was obvious they are such a close family and love being together and it made them so easy to photograph.


Lethbridge Triplets Family Photos [Brandi & Jeff]

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Lethbridge triplets family photos

Brandi and Jeff were the lucky winners of my birthday contest I ran earlier this year on Facebook and it was so fun to finally meet them and their adorable triplets for family photos at the University of Lethbridge park! Brandi warned me that getting the three of them coordinated and focused at the same time would be a challenge but the kids were the best little models. They smiled, laughed, and had so much fun the entire time. This was actually my first time working with triplets and it was much less daunting than I ever expected :)


Nicholas Sheran Kids Photography [Dominic & Cole]

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Nicholas Sheran kids photography

It’s been a year since I’ve seen Dominic and Cole, and while Dom was already running around then, Cole was only a newborn so it was so shocking to see how big he is now. Both of the boys are now big enough to go on adventures together and, of course, to get into much trouble together, I’m sure!

We did their kids photography session on a beautiful spring evening at Nicholas Sheran Lake in west Lethbridge and the boys had so much fun playing with their dogs at the park. They are both such happy kids and were constantly laughing.


Lethbridge University Family Photos [Erin & Jonathan]

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Fun Lethbridge weddings and portrait photography

I’ve photographed Erin a few times now, mostly notably for her and Jonathan’s wedding quite a few years ago, and I was excited to finally meet all of their little ones for an update to their portraits! We went to the Lethbridge University for family photos since it was still a little chilly outside, and we had so many people pass us by proclaiming how cute everyone was. Some of the kids even took it upon themselves to play peekaboo or help adults down the stairs!

It was a little chaotic managing 4 under 4 but as a team we totally pulled it off! We did all kinds of rounding up and making crazy noises for attention ;) All of the kids have such adorable smiles and they wanted to play together so much that is was tough to get the individual photos of them (without fail, one of the others would photobomb the shot!). There were even a few times a photo was interrupted for a hug; how much more cute can they get??