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Taber Spring Wedding [Nicholas & Robin]

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Nicholas & Robin, Taber spring wedding

The days leading up to the wedding were filled with rain and flooding, but for Nicholas and Robin’s Taber spring wedding that weekend, the sun came out and dried up all the rain!

Nicholas and Robin had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Taber’s Legion Park, which also made a great spot to take their portraits. Their ceremony was so emotional that I think we had a new record for how many people cried :) Nic’s reaction to seeing Robin walk down the aisle was so powerful.

The couple and their wedding party were so fun to bring around the park for photos and totally awesome about having to deal with all the caterpillars in the trees. It just took an occasional crinoline cleaning to remove some of the bugs from Robin’s dress.

At the end of the day, they held their reception at the Taber Community Centre and did a fantastic job decorating. You could hardly recognize the place with all of their beautiful decorations and lighting.

A big thank you to Lorelei Hoffarth for helping me out with this wedding! You’ll see a few of her photos in here :)

Congratulations, Nicholas & Robin!


Shooting for Jan: Ashley & Bryce’s Wedding

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

On one of my “free” weekends in June I got to switch my usual role and second shoot for Jan Tajcnar. Jan always second shot for me at Litwin Photography, and now our schedules never match, so we hardly ever get to shoot together… this really bums me out, because Jan is a load of fun and is super talented! I had a great day with her in Taber shooting Ashley and Bryce’s wedding. This was surprisingly my first time in Taber, and I was so impressed with the locations Jan had scouted; I’ll have to drive out there for photos more often! It definitely felt like we didn’t have enough time with this exceptionally fun bridal party.

It was a really nice change not to be leading the day as it gave me a little more time to “think outside the box” and be more aware of the little moments happening around me. So while Jan was busy with the guys getting ready and chatting with them, I was looking for something new I could do for a ring shot…