Zombie & Cosplay Photography

This cosplay photo gallery features my creative work in cosplay photography, horror and fantasy themed photography, and artistic portraits of zombies. Many of the photos were taken in Lethbridge, including at the Lethbridge Zombie Walk.

Cosplay Photography

I do a little bit of cosplay myself so I appreciate all of the time, work, and creative energy that goes into creating a character. Working with Lethbridge cosplayers gives me an opportunity to really exercise my creativity.

Our closest event to show off Lethbridge cosplay talent is the Calgary Comic Expo, but for cosplay photography we are surrounded by such diverse locations that fit nearly any fictional character's world. Whether it is a famous character (or an obscure one) or a completely original creation, I love coming up with the perfect, location, lighting, and overall mood to tell a story through the photos.

Zombie Photos

Not all zombies need to be scary! I've worked with a number of amazing women as zombie pinups. All of the undead pinups in this gallery did their own zombie makeup.

I have also actively partcipated in the Lethbridge Zombie Walk since its inception. In the early years I was one of the organizers, and afterwards continued to take part both as a zombie and as a zombie photographer. It's amazing to see all of the creative talent we have in Lethbridge when everyone comes out for the Zombie Walk.

Horror Themed Photography

I'm a huge fan of the horror genre so when I come up with a personal project, it usually has some creepy or supernatural element to it. Original horror concepts are a great time to really play with creating an atmosphere through photography.