Pet Photography

This pet photography gallery features photos taken in Lethbridge, the Crowsnest Pass, and other areas in Southern Alberta of dogs, cats, and horses. The gallery showcases pet photos with the animals by themselves as well as portraits with their owners. I am happy to photograph other species not shown here!

Cat and Dog Photography

Pet photography can be taken in your home, at an off leash dog park in Lethbridge, or any beautiful outdoor space while on leash. It's great to get a combination of action photography and posed pet portraits for dogs. Cat usually do best with the portrait photography part, but once they get more comfortable with a stranger in the house, playtime photos are adorable.

I photograph any type of pet (not just dogs and cats). I love interacting with pets and getting reactions out of them while I try to catch their attention for photos. I currently have two cats of my own and grew up surrounded by animals so I have spent a lot of time working with pets!

Equestrian Photography

When it comes to horse photography in Lethbridge, I highly recommend that people include photos of themselves riding their horses since it's such an important part of your relationship. I am able to work around most horse boarding properties and make use of the natural landscape and architecture for stunning portraits. If you are able to transport your horse to another location, there are beautiful horse trails in the Lethbridge river bottom.

Lethbridge Animal Rescues

Over the years I have worked with a number of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta animal rescues. My most commonly volunteered service is taking adoption photos for pet profiles. These photos show the animals in a positive light to help people picture the joy the animal would bring to their home. I regularly work in this capacity with the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) in Calgary and cats with the Last Chance Cat Ranch in Lethbridge.

Since 2013, I have photographed the Lethbridge PAW Society's annual fundraiser calendar and take part in several mini session events each year in support of rescues such as Windy City Canine Rescue and A Better Chance Animal Rescue. At these events I've photographed everything from dogs to bearded dragons wearing cowboy hats!